6 easy ways to a better ranking

The main purpose of a business type blog or website is to make money. How that is achieved depends on each individual business model, however, when it comes to web development and marketing, the basic principles are pretty much the same for all websites.

If a website is created properly from the onset, it will produce greater results and save money.

Everything begins with the design!
Business owners want to have input into things like overall design structure, color and other branding aspects, this is perfectly fine so long as they remember the website “is not about them.”

What the owner may want for their website, may not necessarily be what is actually good for it. This is a concept that is difficult to accept, but is crucial for success.

My advice to all business owners, do not simply design a website, market it!
Consult with a marketing professional before proceeding with the design. They can offer insights and advice on the structure of a website, as well as, other marketing concepts that will help to improve ROI. Designers and web developers are great when it comes to overall design, they do not always understand the principles of marketing, SEO and Social Media and how they all come together to convert traffic.

Here are 6 easy and cheap ways to help your website achieve better rankings.

  1. It’s not about you, it is about them.
    Your primary audience is the people who visit it, not search engines. Design it with this goal in mind. If your website doesn’t meet the professional standards that your potential customers expect, they will likely leave your site and find one of your competitors.

Professional means that your website is responsive, clean, fast, communicates its main messages clearly and is easy to use and navigate.

If you have accomplished this goal, your visitors should already have an idea of the products and services your business provides. This normally occurs within the first 60 seconds of landing on your main page. Your navigation menus and links should be user-friendly, easy to locate and encourage visitors to want to click to learn more.

  1. Not all code is created equally.

Your website should be coded according to the search engine’s updated algorithm and guidelines. It is very important to make sure your website is coded properly and that it is SEO friendly. If it is not coded properly, search engine spiders/crawlers might flag your website as SPAM and prevent people from visiting your site.

Make sure your development team is using the most updated design tools.

Tip: A design team that is too busy or has too many clients may not always be indicative of a good thing. They might have to update and maintain other clients websites on a daily basis and by the time they get around to working on your website, the technologies they are using may have already gone out of date. Make sure your team is manageable enough to be able to keep up, redesign and restructure as needed. Chances are if it feels like they are putting you off, they are. A good website design team is always ready and willing to answer your concerns.

  1. Ranking your website still matters!

Once you have a professional looking website that is clean coded, you will need to focus on increasing your rankings and boost SEO. Always make sure to use white hat SEO practices. Black Hat SEO is like playing hide and seek with the Search Engines, eventually they will find you and eliminate you.

  1. Mobility vs. Responsive

The use of mobile devices such as iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, and Android Pad has dramatically increased in the past few years. In order to market your business effectively you’ll need a mobile application to complement your website. A responsive website is no longer enough. Responsive behaviour is important for screen resolution and proper viewing, however, a mobile application offers something that it cannot – two way communication. With two way communication you can send push notifications to your customers mobile devices, they can respond back in real-time and they do not have to actually visit your website to connect or buy from you. This provides you with 24/7 access to your customers.

  1. Popularity is Priceless.

Social Media plays an important role in increasing the popularity of a website in the online world. Websites needs a huge amount of regular (if not daily) promotions in order to stay relevant. The easiest and most efficient way to do that is via social media. (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest). Promotion also means you will benefit from referral traffic.

  1. A bouncy house is for kids.

If your visitors are not properly engaged, they will get bored and not stay on your website for very long. This results in a high bounce rate.

Conversion takes time and if all your visitors are simply bouncing in and out all day long, chances are your website will not convert them into paying customers or future buyers. A low bounce rate sends a bad message to the world about your website and its product and services, you need to make your website interesting enough to have people stay on it.

Make it fun, make it interactive and make it relevant. When people find the information they are looking for quickly and easily chances are they will bookmark your website and come back often.

Longevity = comfortability = conversion!

If you build it properly, they will come. Simple as that!

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