What benefits can you expect from Augmented Reality for Magento 2?

The big truth about Magento is that this eCommerce retail shop development platform drives growth to businesses. The framework closely watches user needs as it is easy-to-use, dynamic, and fast. So, any retailers who have their digital shops built on the Magento framework, they are always assured of better retail and customer experience bringing them good fortunes.

With loads of built-in features, your business has seen good growth, revenues, and also customer loyalty over the years. Now more wonderment awaits you as you can leverage the artificial intelligence-powered augmented reality benefits. 

Augmented Reality & Magento 

So far, we have witnessed widespread use of Augmented Reality across medical science, corporate learning, academia, gaming as well as virtual maps. Besides being used as a great entertainment tool, it has some obvious useful applications for eCommerce development too. Augmented reality is a computer vision technology mixed with 3D models that bring virtual reality to the real-world and give users an immersive experience. Undoubtedly Magento is an eCommerce platform to vouch for and so, if you are intended to bring the best value to your customers with this high profile artificial intelligence-powered technology, you can hire the best Magento development company. More and more brands are moving to AR only to offer impeccable end-user support. Also, AR brings the best potential for retailers as well as users to improve sales performance. Integration of AR into your Magento websites is not an easy accomplishment. Once you do it with assistance from a renowned eCommerce Development company, we can augment the best user value from Magento websites and garner the desired business results. 

We find out the most convincing augmented reality benefits you can leverage through your Magento 2 platforms. 

Better Product Visualization 

Online stores lack in offering in-store experiences involving a proper visualization experience for shoppers. In most cases, digital shoppers long for this phenomenon intensely.  In addition, some high quality product displays do not meet users’ expectations. But, integration of AR into your Magento store does offer a different shopping experience by removing these first-hand issues. 

Since 3D models are assimilated across the real-life background of the product displays, users can view them as 3D objects and have a unique experience. 

Users can easily visualize the product in real-time and help them assess the product’s viability from all angels. This is a better way to allow your customers to have reality-like product visualization and also test-drive its features and usability. And hence, this experience can augment their purchase confidence.  Hire a reliable Magento 2 development company that can support your vision through AR services. 

Mobile responsiveness 

Mobile devices add to most of the traffic generation and conversion rates. This is no secret. But, integrating an AR feature to your Magento website which is mobile responsive is great to change the dimension of your online shop and its business strategy. Embedded with high definition cameras and also high processing technology, AR technology works best to give users high-quality AR experiences. At the same time, customers can have real-time product experience which ensures your survival in the toughest competitive market. 

Enhanced SMS campaign 

Quick-to-view and easy-to-respond SMS campaigns can create engagement faster with customers as opposed to the email marketing campaigns. Augmented reality solutions work as an engaging medium. By allowing AR tools to integrate with Magento 2 sites, owners can now be able to relish the same online shopper experience triggered by a higher conversion rate that helps sell more products. 

Here, SMS campaigns are facilitating the objective of every shop owner. AR creates multitudes of opportunities to create interactive sms content. By combining AR with your SMS content, you can create exciting AR experiences including AR try-ons for your users triggering deep engagement. Service updates or different range of offers and discounts can be inserted with AR elements for SMS content. This creates a quick response among users while educating them about special services you are offering. So, SMS campaigns integrated with AR components capture users’ engagement for more than 3 minutes and also help customer awareness resulting in immediate action.    

Product customization and modification 

Magento shop owners use AR to create product segmentations and do necessary customizations to the storefronts. This is a great opportunity for customers to explore their choice of products in real-time. Why real-time or in-store like purchasing experience? That’s because an embedded AR technology in the Magento store can facilitate product trials depending on different categories such as color, shape, size, dimensions and other characteristics. 

As is with a physical store, your customers may not have the same experience as a necessary product that can go out of stock. 

At the same time, shop owners can implement custom-made modification to stores to woo more customers. This is so relevant to furniture stores. The technology enables users to visualize the products in a real-time home setting. So, the solution helps boost purchase decisions. 

You can enable this feature in your Magento 2 store by hiring a certified Magento developer. 

Eliminating post-purchase threats 

Returning the products after a purchase is a common issue with the eCommerce business. The issues appear as most of the shop owners fail to convey what actually is being served as opposed to what is being displayed. At times when poor quality of 2D images confuses customers, most of the time it appears that not every online store sells genuine products to customers. Being dissatisfied with poor quality and trust breach, it increases the rate of post-purchase returns. 

However, AR technology helps build trust and customer retention by allowing true and accurate display of products on the storefront through 3D images and leaves no room for dissatisfaction post-delivery. 

The high-end capacity of AR solutions can help Magento shop owners grow the customer base and help boost customer trust and loyalty. Owners looking to benefit from AR can immediately upgrade to Magento 2x versions. If you lack knowledge and expertise in Magento, you can seek assistance from an expert Magento Development company. 

Fewer times for product trials 

One of the great benefits of AR solution for Magento is that they together allow customers to try many products at a time. As it offers more options to try out new products and services, the solutions help sell more products. If you are running a shop that sells fashion products and accessories, integrating AR into your store may offer unprecedented options for almost every product.  Customers have more flexibility to search products while browsing the website and that too in less time. This gives an edge over a brick-and-mortar shop as it strictly adheres to your choice only and does not let others pick the product. 

Summing up

With the integration of AR into your eCommerce shop, the technology creates momentum as you can scale up sales while making AR an easy implementation approach. AR digital shops are engineered to transform the business pattern to increase product engagement, reduce cart abandonment, and also avoid product returns. By implementing this technology in your Magento store, you can experience a higher return on investment. If you are yet to have this on your store, get in touch with an experienced Magento development company Bytes Technolab. Share your requirements with us; we can help you with all the res needed to scale as the best eCommerce retail service.