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Boston’s Underground Artists

I’ve interviewed a few of Boston’s newest underground artists who either attend or have graduated from Berklee College of Music. All three are quite different, yet endlessly talented. I found myself drawn to their stories through their music. I hope to hear more and more about these up-and-coming artists, and I think you will too.

Originally from California, her songs include “Let Go”, “Green to Grey”, and “Before noon” which are all a part of her EP. You can find her songs on all platforms.

The period and culture of Roman Pantheon

A) Select one or two sculptures that you believe best reflect on the stylistic characteristics of Greek art from the Classical Period (Early, High, or Late). Explain the stylistic characteristics that were admired during the Greek Classical period. Then, explain how those characteristics are shown in the sculpture you selected. (See Greek Sculpture Summary in Ch5 Module) B) Using the mummy case of Artemidorus and the wall painting from Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii: identify the materials and associated with each object, and the purposes of each. How do these artworks provide information relating to the Roman Empire and its history? (Read the Metropolitan Museum artwork information posted on Canvas Assignment page)