Adam West / December 25,2020

What to Consider When Designing Your Student Engagement Strategy


While initial enrolment at colleges and universities has risen in recent years, retention of students beyond their first year of study has dropped significantly. Students beginning their college and university years face unique social challenges, increasing diversity in student populations mean many students needs are being overlooked, and professors and instructors have more competition for their student’s attention than ever before. All these factors and more should be part of the thought-process behind the design of any student engagement strategy.
Connected, Yet Disconnected
While in many ways today’s students are seen as members of one of the most connected generations ever, their digital connections often come at the cost of analogy i.e., interpersonal connections. Multiple studies have reported student concerns surrounding feelings of isolation and loneliness in their early days on campus, a problem which is especially acute for students not living in residences, students pursuing degrees online, and students with no prior social contacts at their school.
When left unaddressed, these feelings can to lead students to leaving without completing their degrees. While events such as welcome weeks are great initial solutions for this problem, long-term strategies for engaging students not only with their coursework, but also each other, are equally important.
New Students, New Supports

Adam West / May 25,2020

New Dawn Learning Studio: JC Chemistry Tuition Center Worth Checking Out

New Dawn Learning Studio: JC Chemistry Tuition Center Worth Checking Out

Passing JC chemistry exams is not that easy especially when you do not understand the concepts. Without seeking professional help, you risk failing thus shattering your dreams. It is for this reason that parents are now taking their children to JC chemistry tuition centers. Unfortunately, not all tuition centers help students in mastering the discipline to ensure success in their future studies and life. To save you from such centers, you should consider taking your child to New Dawn Leaning Studio, a reputable JC chemistry tuition center in Singapore.
But what makes New Dawn Learning Studio stand out from other tuition centers in Singapore. Well, they believe each student is unique in their own way and possess individual learning skills. For this reason, they employ a teaching method that involves a one-to-one interaction between students and the tutor.  Through this action, the tutor is able to understand the weak areas of every student thus offering specialized guidance.  If this is not enough, they are able to close any gaps that exist when learning. No wonder they are regarded as one of the best centres that offers A level chemistry tuition.
 JC Chemistry Tuition Center Worth Checking Out

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