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Are you looking for an easier way to achieve your goal of getting a real estate license? With the help of an online real estate school, you can learn the material and get ready to become a licensed real estate agent in no time. In this blog post, Bob Brooks School will explore how online real estate school in Monroe can help you reach your goals. 

AI bot that can do schoolwork could 'blow up' US education system, with youngest at most risk: former teacher

AI bot that can do schoolwork could 'blow up' US education system, with youngest at most risk: former teacher



The emergence of artificial intelligence chatbots that can complete students’ assignments will lead to a crisis in learning, forcing educators to rethink schooling entirely, a former teacher said. 

“The introduction of new artificial intelligence technologies into schools that enables students to auto-generate essays has the capacity to blow up our entire writing education curriculum,” Peter Laffin, founder of Crush the College Essay and writing coach, told Fox News. “It may make us have to rethink it from the ground up, and that might ultimately be a good thing.”

Engage Students in Deeper Learning with Augmented Reality | McGraw Hill

What is Augmented Reality, and what is its role in PreK – 12 education? What sets McGraw Hill AR apart from other educational augmented reality apps on the market? You’ve just released four new activities in the app. Can you describe those activities and explain why they were chosen for development? What is Augmented Reality, and what is its role in PreK – 12 education?

Patrick: Augmented reality is a powerful tool to engage learners that are attached to their phones. Simply put, it’s a way to make learning more interesting! AR superimposes digital images, text, or animation onto the real world, usually with a tablet or smartphone’s camera. It uses digital overlays to “augment” reality by depicting both the real world and the superimposed objects.

Application for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals Essay

Application for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals Essay Assignment Examine how frameworks from nursing and other disciplines can work together to inform policy analysis.

Six Reasons Why Students Should Seek Assistance from Writing Services

Nursing is more difficult than it initially appears. Students studying nursing are assigned homework that involves researching current events and data that will assist them to advance their nursing knowledge. For the nursing assignment, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, conduct a thorough analysis, participate in active learning, and possess an unbelievable aptitude and drive to research and create the project in an advanced approach. Students are given writing assignments by their professors to assess their comprehension of the material and to help them hone other abilities, such as writing, research, critical & analytical thinking, and more.

Approaching these challenging issues typically leaves the pupils perplexed. Students frequently ask for online nursing assignment help because of this.

Falz, Mr. Macaroni, Others Announce #ENDSARS Second-Year Memorial


The second-year memorial of those who were cruelly murdered at the Lekki Tollgate in 2022 will take place.


Nigerian stars like Falz, Mr. Macaroni, and others have announced that there will be a second-year memorial to honour victims of the #ENDSARS protest who lost their lives in 2020.

The #ENDSARS movement was a peaceful protest organised and led by Nigerian youths in October 2020 to march against police brutality, bad governance, and other mind-shattering vices in the country. However, the protest was met by the gruesome massacre of civilians on October 20, 2020, at the Lekki-Toll Gate in Lagos.

Just like it was done in 2021, another memorial has been announced to take place at the spot of the massacre, Lekki Tollgate, on Thursday the 20th of October 2022.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: What is it, and What Can PT Do?

What is EDS? Common Complications How Physical Therapy Treats EDS Tips for Living with EDS Final Thoughts

There are many types of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and they can be challenging to diagnose. Genetic tests usually confirm EDS. However, diagnosis may take several years, as the signs and symptoms of the disorder vary widely from patient to patient and are often subtle.

So, if you think you or someone you care about has EDS, you should talk to a qualified physical therapist who knows how to diagnose and treat this condition.