Why Count Dooku Has a Blue Lightsaber on Tales of the Jedi


Count Dooku wields a blue lightsaber in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi. However, as a lover of knowledge, shouldn’t he be better off with a green sword?


The color of a lightsaber blade in Star Wars it has more meaning than simply denoting Jedi or Sith. In Legends lore, each shade has a specific meaning within the Jedi Order: blue indicates a Jedi Guardian, green signifies a Jedi Consul, and yellow represents a Jedi Sentinel. However, in modern canon, the kyber crystal takes on a color after a Jedi meditates on it and develops a Force connection to the crystal.

The Jedi Guardians were noted for their prowess in the Force and skill with a lightsaber. Meanwhile, Jedi Consulars were known to be more involved in studying the nature of how the force works. With Count Dooku’s personality and love of knowledge, it seems odd that he would be depicted with a blue, not a green, lightsaber in Star Wars: youjedi beers.

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Before leaving the Jedi Order, Dooku was apprenticed to Jedi Grand Master Yoda and became exceptionally powerful in the Force and lightsaber combat. He specialized in Form II Makashi, known for his focus on one-on-one lightsaber combat. After being anointed Jedi Master and joining the Jedi High Council. Dooku built a curved-hilt lightsaber based on the specifications of his desired combat form. It is during his time as a Jedi that Dooku is seen wielding a blue lightsaber.

Throughout his life as a Jedi, Dooku was always in the field with his friend, Sifo-Dyas, or his apprentice, Qui-Gon Jinn. That can be seen in tales of the jedi, as Dooku and Qui-Gon go on a mission to rescue the son of the negligent and ruthless Senator Dagonet from his own people. Dooku displayed excellent defense against incoming blaster fire, as well as exceptional Force abilities.

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Beyond his Force abilities, however, Dooku was a renowned swordsman, rivaled in the Jedi Order only by Mace Windu, and second only to Yoda. His mastery of Form II lightsaber combat was so great that he was able to work around weaknesses in the technique, such as multiple opponents effortlessly when he thwarted Asajj Ventress’s assassination attempt. His exceptional skills with a lightsaber and powerful Force abilities were more than enough to place him in the category of Jedi Guardian.

tales of the jediThe depiction of Dooku wielding a blue lightsaber was likely done purely for cosmetic reasons. His powerful Force abilities and his lightsaber skills place him in the Jedi Guardian mold, apt to wield a blue sword. While some associate Dooku with a Jedi consul, due to his regal nature and his love of knowledge, he was more concerned with learning the Force as a whole than simply the inner workings of the light side. Despite initial differences from the more stereotypical Guardian Jedi, such as Anakin Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi, Dooku is, at heart, a warrior who, even in his old age, can give younger opponents the fight of their lives.