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Bethesda celebrates The Elder Scrolls Online – Blackwood with hot sauce collaboration

Bethesda celebrates The Elder Scrolls Online – Blackwood with hot sauce collaboration

A partnership between Bethesda ANZ and Melbourne Hot Sauce means a new, real-world hot sauce is soon to be available for Aussies to try. Dubbed ‘Hot Sauce of Oblivion’, this collaborative creation has been made to celebrate the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest expansion, Blackwood. Blackwood has just launched onto PC with its console release following soon on June 8. The expansion is part of the Gates of Oblivion adventure, where the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon, returns as the great evil. As the Prince of Destruction, he is associated with natural dangers such as fire and earthquakes. I suppose the hot sauce comparison isn’t too far off base then!

Get Ready: Healthy Tips For Spring!

Spring is approaching and it’s hard not to daydream about beach weather. But…have you fallen behind your healthy New Year’s resolutions? Follow my simple Healthy T lifestyle tips to clean up your act this season! Healthy eating tips and lifestyle improvements can be as easy as a clear spring morning.

A little boost of Vitamin C from Healthy T!

Seasonal Recipes: Ways to Use Fresh April Produce

Try mixing healthy seasonal produce into foods you already enjoy! Aim for 3-5 servings of seasonal fruits and veggies every day. If you don’t have the time to re-stock, buy fresh produce items in bulk and freeze immediately to maintain nutrients.

Here’s a list of fresh foods to pick up at your local supermarket:

5 Easy DIY Cocktail Recipes You Should Try for Your Party

Did you know that Americans spend around $1,500 on party planning each year?

Although a large portion of this budget goes toward alcohol, you don’t have to serve your guests fancy drinks to get the party started.

Do you want to know some awesome party drink recipes that are sure to please any crowd? Keep reading to learn how to prepare 5 easy party cocktails for your next gathering.

1. Island Breeze Punch Cocktails

If you want to help your guests loosen up, nothing is more relaxing than the fruity flavors of Hawaii. This island breeze punch mixed drinks recipe is made with pineapple juice, cranberry juice, vodka, sparkling water or soda, and fresh fruit as an optional garnish. The best part about making punch is that guests are welcome to serve themselves so you can tend to other duties as the host.

2. Strawberry Peach Frosé