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Adam West / January 19,2020

Meditation WordPress Themes for yoga pilates life sciences sites

Meditation WordPress Themes for yoga pilates life sciences sites

Meditation WordPress Themes for yoga pilates life sciences sites
Meditation WordPress themes for yoga and meditation, Pilates and shaping, prayer and inspirational websites and blogs, meditation experts and centers, etc.
Modern civilization is characterized by the fact that mankind has reached the highest level of technological development.
This caused the loss of many enduring values in the impetuous breakthrough of scientific and technological progress, forcing people to break away from the foundations of wisdom and inner harmony.
Well, this reality is never enough for achieving high results both in personal and business lives. This is where yoga and meditation come to play.
You have probably managed to read different books on business promotion and self development. Along with many other advices, most of them contain the same advice: you need to allocate time for meditation.
Meditation is an ancient method of mental training. Through meditation you are able to clear your mind of unnecessary worries, adjust the emotional and physical balance of your body.
While the brakes of even a couple of minutes of meditation help thousands of people fight stress and recover inner peace, today there are hundreds of meditation specialists and yoga studios dealing with personal and group yoga and meditation training.

Adam West / January 17,2020

How to Choose the Right Martial Art Style for You?


Practicing martial arts is an excellent way to get in shape, learn self-defense, and learn life lessons that stick with someone throughout their lives.

Adam West / January 15,2020

What Is Acquired Brain Injury in Children?


Acquired brain injury is a brain injury that occurs after birth. It produces a permanent or temporary deficit, of a physical, psychic, cognitive, behavioral, sensory, emotional or social nature. As a result, it reduces the child’s functional capacity and quality of life.

It occurs after an injury to brain structures that disrupts the normal development of the child’s brain. Acquired brain injury can be caused by an accident or fall, lack of oxygen to the brain, brain tumors, a stroke, encephalopathy, refractory epilepsy, radiation therapy to the nervous system, and infectious diseases.

When a child has had a brain injury, the consequences may be delayed until the brain development for the affected ability is complete. Although at first it may seem that the child hasn’t been affected, after a while certain difficulties become apparent. This can create confusion and misunderstanding in the family circle and at school.

Experts recommend that the child with acquired brain injury be cared for by a multidisciplinary team in order to receive a proper rehabilitation. To provide comprehensive care, the following experts should take part in the child’s rehabilitation:

  • Neuropediatricians
  • Rehabilitation physicians
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Psychomotor therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Child psychiatrists

What are the consequences of acquired brain injury in children?


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