Six Wonderful Ways Gift-Giving Improves Your Relationships

To us social creatures, gift-giving is an emotionally satisfying gesture that expresses our mutual feelings of affection and care.
The long human history and traditions over the years show that the mutual exchange of gifts has always been beneficial in building and strengthening the social as well as family relationships. Both the giver and the receiver feel immense mental and spiritual satisfaction through this noble and kind act of social interaction.
Almost all the religions and cultures of the world encourage the give-and-take of gifts to consolidate mutual relations. People may exchange gifts in various forms like flowers, gift hampers, books, etc. among their friends and family links. Let’s see how a heart-felt emotional gift improves your relationship with your near and dear ones at different levels.
1. It strengthens the bond
The passion and the sentiments behind presenting a gift count a lot and they always solidify your mutual relationship, for our relations are like crops that need to be tended and nourished for their growth. If you happen to visit some of your relatives or friends without any prior information and carry along a beautiful gift hamper out of love and care, this sudden gift will make your host feel elated and honored. The existing relationship will get even stronger through your kind and caring gesture which shows that you may go any length towards strengthening this relationship.
2. It makes the beloved receiver feel special
Several days in one’s life are cherish-able and worth remembering like one’s birthday, wedding anniversary, a day attached to one’s success or milestone, etc. If you care to remember these days of prime importance in your friend’s life and send him or her some a gift befitting with the occasion, you are sure to make him or her feel very special in your eyes. This sublime feeling will surely give him or her the message that the mutual relationship is worth taking care of bilaterally and reciprocally. He or she will keep in mind to remember such occasions in your life and will deal with you the same way. It will further root the relation deep into hearts.
3. It appreciates your sacred and respected relations
Your parents, teachers, aunts and uncles, mentors, guides religious leaders, etc. keep a special place in your heart, mind, and life. What you are in your life owes a lot to these respected personalities and it is quite worthwhile to appreciate them through sending splendid gifts on various occasions. They will certainly feel proud of their moral or professional status and approach to guide the juniors and will get encouraged to keep doing so in their respective lives. Additionally, they will keep remembering you in their kind wishes and prayers, enabling the relationship to get stronger and stronger.
4. It reduces the far-flung distances
Quite possibly, some of your close ones may be living in other cities or even abroad and you people feel that the distance and the fewer number of face to face meetings are making the warmth in the mutual relationship less active. Meanwhile, if you send a lovely gift to your distant friend or relative besides calling him up, you will impart him the feelings that distance can never weaken the strong bridge between you two. Your gift will bring your face and memories live to the eyes and mind of your friend every time he sees it at his home.
5. It inspires the recipients to action
Your gift to juniors like your son or daughter, your student or an employee can arouse them to perform much more attentively. This kind of appreciation always boosts the morale of the recipient and a lot of improvement comes to be seen. The juniors may set their minds to meet the targets expected and required of them if there is a declaration of some gift as a reward on your part. So, giving different gifts to juniors always strengthen your bond with them.
6. It empowers the spiritual link
Gifts given to commemorate religious events and occasions like Christmas, Eids, festivals, etc. empower the spiritual bonding between the giver and the receiver. Such gifts heighten the charm and delight of that religious festivity a lot. For example, if you send your fast friend a gift card to pay for YouTube TV on the eve of Christmas, he will keep remembering you throughout while watching the special YouTube programs on this spiritual and religious occasion.
To sum things up, we may say that gift-giving always promotes a healthy relationship among friends and relatives.

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