7 Accessories That Give A Special Accent To Any Room

You don’t have to completely renovate a room to give it a new, updated look. Using certain accessories can help you accent the beauty of any room in your home. No matter what style you prefer, the following accessories can help you achieve it.


Rugs are a multipurpose accessory that can completely change the feel of any space. You can use accent rugs to add pops of color to a room, or you can add a runner to a hallway to give it a more comfortable feel. You can choose thick, plush rugs if you want an inviting vibe or choose easier-to-clean varieties for rooms that get a ton of use.


The Danes are known for a concept called hygge. While not translatable to the English language, it is a word that encompasses their idea of comfort and coziness. Candles are a huge part of how the Danes achieve this.

Candles placed throughout your home offer ambient light that is inviting. You can place candles in a part of your room you want to highlight, or you can even place large candles in a fireplace to use in place of fire. Make sure to blow out candles before leaving a room and before you go to bed.


Whether you have a green thumb and love live plants or want some faux greenery for your home, plants can add beauty to every room of your house. Plus, accessorizing with plants is simple and offers you tons of choices.

Setting up an herb garden in your kitchen accentuates that area while also offering you natural plants to use in your meals. A snake plant is low maintenance but beautiful, and you can even put it in the corner of a room without much light and still see growth.

If you have an indoor window seat, add plants to create an indoor garden that gives you the best of the outdoors. Certain live plants can even help the air quality within your home, making them both a decorative and health-conscious choice.


If you count the doors in your home, you’ll likely find out that you have more than you imagined. Don’t miss an opportunity to accent a room by replacing a basic door with something a bit more eye-catching.

Any room with a closet can benefit from bifold closet doors. You can choose an unfinished look or a painted door. These doors are beautiful but don’t take up much room when you open them, making them perfect for smaller spaces.

Replacing or repainting doors throughout your home will help you update your style and draw attention to the first item everyone sees before they enter a room.


Lighting is essential if you want a room that feels comfortable. Besides candles, lamps are another way to light a room without worrying about overly bright ceiling bulbs giving a room a cold mood.

Choose a simple lamp that blends well with your room design. Table lamps are a great choice, but so are floor lamps. Floor lamps can stand in the corner of a room and still shed enough light for everyone to see.


Baskets work well as accent accessories because they are lovely and valuable. You can place a large basket next to a chair and fill it with throws or blankets. Baskets in your bathroom can store beauty items and toiletries, and on tables, they are perfect for flowers.

Baskets are even a smart way to store and organize magazines, toys, or books. They keep a room tidy which means you notice the appeal of the space instead of the clutter within it.


Most of us know that having a dining room table is essential, but there are plenty of other tables you can place throughout your home for convenience and beauty. A small coffee table in your living area can pull the entire room together while also giving you a place to display items you love.

Console tables, which are usually placed against a wall, are taller than regular tables. They are wide enough to use in an entryway to display plants, pictures, or anything else you want. You can also use them as an organizational station for keys and other items you need before you step out your door.

Updating a room is as simple as adding the right accessories. Know what you want to emphasize in a room and choose the right items to achieve your goal.