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Elements That Affect Car Insurance Rates
There are so many things that can affect the amount of premium you usually pay for your insurance policy. It is very important that you get to know the main reasons as to why you should have the insurance rates for your car get high every now and then. There are very many factors that can affect the rates of your insurance and some of them will be outlined in this article.

“American Gulag” Death Of Jeffrey Epstein: Will Julian Assange Be Next?

Authored by Mac Slavo via,
The death of millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein behind bars should trigger “system-wide self-reflection” on how prisoners are treated. The Metropolitan Correctional Center “is sort of like an American gulag for people who have not been convicted of anything,” Epstein lawyer Marc Fernich said.
Epstein had at least some dirt on some high-powered people like Bill Clinton and he could very well be dead because he was going to talk.


OVIEDO, Fla., August 14, 2019 — now offers OEM 2019 – 2020 Ram Truck infotainment system upgrades for the 2019 Ram 1500 and 2500-3500 Heavy Duty models. The 2019 – 2020 OEM Ram Infotainment collection includes all current radios offered by FCA in the current 2019 Ram DT Body style trucks. The systems can be purchased via the company’s website or direct via telephone.
For consumers looking to replace or upgrade a 2019 – 2020 Ram Truck infotainment system, will be the only option for an OEM solution.


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