15+ Chore Charts That’ll Motivate Your Kids to Help Around The House

I know this sounds so old-fashioned, but it’s really never too early to start teaching your kids to do some chores around the house. It helps give them a sense of responsibility, a sense of belonging or “a place” within the family, and it also helps teach them how to treat others with respect.

But how can you start teaching chores without making it feel like pulling teeth?

That’s where a chore chart comes in.

Even from the toddler years, kids can be encouraged to move a little magnet or put up a sticker to show that they’re a “big kid” and contributed to the family. 

And the sooner a child learns to enjoy being helpful, well, the sooner your work is done (literally)!


15+ Chore Chart Ideas By Age

Coming up with chore chart ideas doesn’t have to be hard. A plain sheet of paper with a few written “to-dos” for your kids would get the job done. 

But sometimes, especially if you’re planning to hang this chore chart on display where any company might see it, you’d like something a little “fancier.” Check out these ideas for a chore chart by age to find the right one for your family!


Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 2-7
1) Free Printable Kids Chore Chart 

Found on The Savvy Couple Shop

Sick and tired of constantly picking up after your kids all of the time? Look no more!

This chore chart for kids is the answer to your prayers! Start having your kids take responsibility around the house. 

This weekly chore chart is perfect to sit down with your child and discuss some chores they can add to their list. Have them work toward a goal. If they complete “X” amount of chores in a week then they can earn”Y.”


2) DIY Chore Chart With Cookie Sheets

Found on Craftaholics Anonymous

This plan uses images for little kids to easily understand, but you could always write numbers on a magnet and that corresponds to a master list! 


3) Free Printable Chore Chart for Preschoolers

Found on Sugar Bee Crafts

How cute is this little chart? So easy for toddlers and preschoolers to use, with the visuals that help and a SUPER easy way to check things off – just unfold!


4) Easy Family Chore Chart Template

Found on Living Well Spending Less

Either save (and wash!) popsicle sticks after eating dessert or just go buy some craft sticks. Have the kids paint them and have an adult label with a marker, or simply write on the plain sticks.

This is super easy to color-code by family members so you can even include mom and dad in the mix too! Remember: teaching by example is one of the best ways that kids learn!


5) Little Kid Printable Chore Chart

Found on Over The Big Moon

Here’s another awesome chore chart idea for those preschool years, where kids can both learn to do chores with super easy visuals AND have the opportunity to start working on word recognition. Win-win, mama!


6) Ultimate “Traveling” DIY Chore Chart Idea

Found on Hot Wheels

Have you ever met a little boy that didn’t like cars? Me either.

You could easily switch this up to have a train, a tractor, or even a butterfly magnet to customize this to whoever you’re making it for!


Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 8-18
1) “Mom, I Need Money!” Chore Chart DIY

Found on One Good Thing by Jillee

This is genius, completely genius.

No more being nagged by older kids when they want to buy something. Now you can teach them some “tough love” of the real world that all of us adults know all too well — no work, no pay!


2) Free Printable & Customizable Chore Chart

Found on Penny Pinchin’ Mom

This chore chart does some serious double-duty, if not triple-duty. Have your kids fill out what their chores, punishments, etc, AND you can mutually determine the value of that chore and punishment, in monetary form.

If you don’t do allowance, simply assign “points” to be collected towards some other reward.

She also has a great list of chores by age, which you can use to let your kids have some say in what goes on the list!


3) Daily/Weekly Printable Chore Chart

Found on Go Grow Go

This is a great way to help kids work on planning abilities and balancing daily and periodic tasks.

Use two marker colors — one for all the chores and one for events that are happening this week. It’ll help them learn to plan ahead to ensure chores are done even if they’ve got a busy night coming up!


4) Free Printable Weekly Chore Chart

Found on Freebie Finding Mom

I have enough on my plate each day without adding a chore chart reset, so having a weekly layout is much better for busy moms!

I love that you could make this a truly customizable chore chart too. For example, we consider Sundays to be a rest day in our family, so we can easily “X out” some chores for that day!


5) DIY Wood & Stone Chore Chart

Found on Colors and Craft

Mix this up to suit your family’s needs by using the clips for lists of chores per kids, or for daily/weekly/monthly chores and letting the kids choose which to do.

Up the ante for slightly older kids by replacing the stones with quarters. 


Family Chore Chart Ideas
1) Free Printable Family Chores List

Found on i heart organizing

With a chore chart like this, you’re relying on kids who are able to read, carry out a task, and mentally keep track of what they’ve done and what they still need to do. All great skills to work on using simultaneously!


2) Chalk Clipboard Chore Chart

Found on Eighteen25

Easy to make, easy to hang up, easy to use — what’s not to love?! Make one for every member of your family!

(Bonus lesson: your kids will see the big difference between their lists and the long lists for mom and dad and learn about pulling their weight!)


3) Chore Stick System

Found on Living Well Mom

Wait, didn’t we use a stick system before, but for like, toddlers?

Yes, but this assigns rewards based on the number of sticks, rather than just moving each “chore stick” to a new jar.

Just make sure that your chores are a little more involved with this version! 


4) Simple Printable Chore Chart

Found on Beautiful Mess

There are so many ways to use a simple chore chart template like this one.

Print one for each family member and fill out accordingly, then keep each other accountable for what needs to be done.

You could also print out one for each room or “grouping” of tasks (like kitchen, laundry, outdoors, etc), and use initials or color-coded stickers to show which family member completed each chore.


5) “Extra Money” Chore Chart DIY

Found on Nature Moms

Similar to the money chart above but with a suggested twist: parents need to have some spending money and have some fun too. I mean, let’s face it, date nights are good for your marriage, so parents need spending money too!

Challenge your kids to get their chores done BEFORE THEIR PARENTS DO each day since Mom and Dad are in on grabbing the money too!

(Obviously, if you stay home all day while kids are in school, don’t start these chores until they’re home or it’s totally not fair!)


Final Thoughts on Chore Charts

While some of these chore charts might require a little extra work in YOUR day, the rewards that everyone gets overall are well worth any headaches they may cause.

When your kids are all grown up and on their own, with a good, healthy work ethic, they’ll come back and thank you for it!

Remember that what matters most in using a chore chart isn’t how fancy it looks, but in how well it works for your family and in how well it teaches your kids the values that you’re trying to instill in them.

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