Hooroo Gurus

Incredible scenes at Ayers Rock today as hundreds of people from around Australia and the world line up five-wide to ascend the beloved monolith before a climbing ban comes into force tomorrow. I don’t have the expertise to comment usefully on how “sacred” the rock is to the local Aborigines and certainly have no wish to gratuitously mock their beliefs. But here’s a prediction: the climbers will be back and they’ll be welcomed. The ban is a Karl Stefanovic goodbye: a highly publicised rupture that creates both huge interest in what’s been relinquished and a compelling economic imperative for restoration. Safety and behavioural protocols will have to be stricter to protect lives, limbs and sensibilities. Aboriginal overseers will need training and a fee per trek imposed. After that, off you go. This was as much about control as it was about sacrality. If planned all along, my compliments to initiators on their commercial acumen. Good luck.