Paris Hilton ‘can’t even imagine’ having four kids like Kim Kardashian

No chance! Paris Hilton’s friend Kim Kardashian welcomed a fourth baby to her brood last month — but the singer can’t imagine being in her shoes.

“She loves it,” the fashion designer, 38, told Us Weekly exclusively of her pal’s mom life on Wednesday, June 19, at an event honoring her Glam App partnership. “They’re on vacation right now and just enjoying the family life, and I can’t even imagine having four kids right now. I still feel like a kid myself.”

Socially Powerful: Why An Influencer Could Become Your Company’s Secret Weapon In Marketing

We will assume that, at some point or another, you have probably read or heard the term “influencer”. Whether you know what it actually means, though, could be a very different matter. It can seem a very marketing-related word – but, ironically, also fly in the face of traditional marketing.

You have probably often interacted with influencers online without realizing that they were exactly that. Therefore, could you unlock fresh promotional potential by hiring an influencer?

What is an influencer?

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    Would You See a Mental Health Professional For Money Problems?

    Having been around the personal finance world for about 8+ years now and going through highs and lows with regards to money, I’ve seen a lot of advice and trends, good and bad.

    And, I’ve been a part of the bad advice and trends. Giving it and receiving it.

    But one thing I’ve learned over all the years is that much of the financial advice out there is surface-level. It often doesn’t get to the root of or deal with the causes many people struggle or can’t get their financial life together.


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