Twitch continues to dominate live streaming with its second-biggest quarter to date

Twitch continues to lead rivals including, YouTube Live, Facebook Gaming and Microsoft’s Mixer, when it comes to live-streaming video. Despite experiencing its first decline in hours watched in Q2 2019, the Amazon-owned game-streaming site still had its second-biggest quarter to date, with more than 70% of the hours watched during the quarter.

Establishing Boundaries at Your Workplace: What are the Top 5 Most Common ERISA Violations?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, more commonly known as ERISA, is a collection of laws put into place by the federal government to protect employees of private organizations that offer health insurance, profit sharing, pension, and retirement plans. The laws establish a minimum set of standards the companies must remain in compliance with when it comes to the plans. However, there are situations when the employer violates one or more of these laws and a minimum of one employee, often more, is negatively affected. What are some common ERISA violations to watch for?


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