Villafuerte urges fellow solons to act swiftly on bill regulating bank accounts, e-wallets – Manila Bulletin

Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte is calling on his fellow lawmakers to act swiftly on the measure he partly proposed, which aims to add more teeth to the efforts of regulatory agencies to combat cybercrimes by penalizing social engineering schemes or “phishing.” Villafuerte said the committee-approved consolidated measure, which includes his House Bill No. 10141, aims to regulate the use of bank accounts and electronic wallets as well as to consider certain illegal financial acts related to their use as a form of economic sabotage and a heinous crime if done on a large scale. “Our ongoing efforts to accelerate the country’s digital switch must be complemented by measures to safeguard consumers against cyber threats and other illegal online schemes,” he said Sunday. “The recent gains in the digitalization of financial services should not result [in] adverse consequences for our people, especially during this prolonged pandemic,” he added.

Coronavirus Deaths Might Doom Trump’s Reelection

States with higher coronavirus death rates may see declining voter support for President Donald Trump and other Republican candidates, possibly by margins large enough to swing tight election races, a new study has found. Less than a week away from an election that many view as a referendum on the White House’s handling of the pandemic, coronavirus cases are now rising in nearly every US state, hospitalizations are spiking, and there are worrying signs that deaths are increasing again. The new study, which polled hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country, found that when a state’s COVID-19 death rate doubled within a month’s time, Trump’s approval rating dropped by 0.5%, independent of all other factors. The decline in support, reported in the journal Science Advances on Friday, mirrored the effects that casualties of the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Iraq War had on past presidents’ approval ratings with voters.

Anti-English sentiment on rise in Scotland, Rennie tells Lib Dems

Willie Rennie delivered his speech to the virtual Lib Dem conference on Sunday – Andrew Milligan/PA

English individuals in Scotland are becoming made to sense like “strangers in their individual homes” as a end result of rising nationalist bigotry, the chief of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has warned.

Willie Rennie, in his speech to his party’s virtual conference on Sunday, explained that the pandemic was remaining made use of by some to “spread hate” and said he felt “uncomfortable” with “the growing anti-English sentiment in Scotland”.

3 Tips For Finding the Perfect Criminal Defense Attorney

No one soul walking this Earth has a perfect track record when it comes to crimes. Some people never see a court because they’ve never gotten caught. If you have and you’re facing charges, you need a good criminal defense attorney. Hiring a good defense attorney helps you have someone on your side who knows the law. Walking into a courtroom without legal representation and knowledge of the law can land you in jail. Attorneys know policy and law. They help translate the charges and penalties you face for any crimes committed. Attorneys also do all the leg work. You won’t have to struggle with paperwork and court filing dates. They keep track of that to prevent mistakes in your case. Did you get charged with a crime and don’t yet have a criminal defense attorney backing you? Here’s a guide to finding the best representation possible. 1. Look Online for a Criminal Defense Attorney

Democrats team for effort to end doctrine shielding police as GOP backs off

Three senators proposed a bill Wednesday to end qualified immunity, a legal doctrine that critics say is shielding law enforcement and government officials from accountability.

The legislation, proposed by Democratic Sens. Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, codifies that qualified immunity — a creation of the Supreme Court nearly 40 years ago — cannot be used as a defense by police officers and other public officials who violate the law.

Though the Supreme Court could still announce that it will take a closer look at qualified immunity at some point, the court has decisively signaled an unwillingness in the short term to overturn its previous rulings, punting the issue to Congress.

Lawmakers Seek Community Input For ‘The Renaissance Of Lake Street’ After George Floyd Unrest –

MINNEAPOLIS () — In the times next George Floyd’s loss of life, riots and looters ruined historic areas of Minneapolis. Lake Road, Midtown and West Broadway are all corridors that will want to at the very least be partly rebuilt — and the point out would like to enable with the community’s enter. Mercado Central on Lake Road is household to 40 micro firms that are slowly and gradually coming back again on-line immediately after months of minor to no organization. Initial COVID-19, then riots, looting and problems triggering even more closures. And they are barely on your own. Eduardo Barrera is Mercado Central’s common supervisor. “We are just trying to catch up and try to bring people back to the community, to the building,” Barrera claimed. “How will we be able to keep people who suffered damage, whose buildings were burned, to be able to come back?” Examine Far more: Wild’s Matt Dumba Launches Fundraiser To Assist Rebuild Lake Road

Family Therapy Program for Juvenile

In Section A, decide which type of evaluation approach best fits your policy or program, and state why.  Discuss and consider impact evaluation, performance evaluation, or efficiency evaluation.  It is important to explain why you chose this approach and explain why this approach will satisfy each of your stakeholders. In Section B, determine whether the three prerequisites for evaluation have been met. It is important to detail how each has been met. Do not just answer the question as yes or no. In Section C, you will develop outcome measures based on your objectives identified in Stage 2. Restate each objective and, for each, explain exactly how  you will measure whether the objectives that you identified are being achieved and whether your policy or program is achieving the desired effect.  Be specific.

NSW MP claims ‘political lynching’

Embattled NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane denies he’s a suspect in an investigation into Chinese interference which included searches of his home and office, saying the inquiry relates to other people. Mr Moselmane gave an impromptu statement on Monday, insisting he had done nothing wrong and suggesting he was the victim of “political lynching”. He said the investigation was into “certain other people” who may have sought to advance the goals of the Chinese government, but did not extend to him. Mr Moselmane was last week suspended from NSW Labor and will no longer sit in the parliamentary caucus after Friday’s raid on his Rockdale home. Following the raids conducted by federal police and Australia’s intelligence service, he plans to take a leave of absence from parliament. Federal authorities are yet to make allegations or disclose the nature of their concerns.

Pollak: 3 Recent Signs Democrats Want a Socialist Revolution

Pollak: 3 Recent Signs Democrats Want a Socialist Revolution

by JOEL B. POLLAK BREITBART.COM 28 Jun 2020 Three events last week showed that Democrats do not want a mere transfer of power if they win the November election: they intend to revolutionize our entire system of government. The first happened Wednesday, when Democrats blocked the Senate from considering a bill on police reform by Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC). Scott, who is African American, has been working on the issue for years. He had the full support of the rest of the Republican caucus. He also agreed to consider whatever amendments Democrats offered. They still used the filibuster to block the bill from even being debated.

Boulder County Housing and Human Services Director Frank Alexander resigns

Boulder County Housing and Human Providers Director Frank Alexander is resigning from that submit efficient someday in July, county officers introduced Tuesday.

Boulder County officers introduced Tuesday that Division of Housing and Human Providers Director Frank Alexander is resigning to hitch Casey Household Packages because the Managing Director of Judicial and Nationwide Engagements inside Programs Enchancment.(Boulder County)