Active Iowa City protester Mazin Mohamedali arrested for violating probation, unlawful assembly

Mazin Mohamedali, a public face and constant voice in the protests across Iowa City this week, was arrested Sunday on counts of violating probation, disorderly conduct, and unlawful assembly, according to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.
Mohamedali has been active in making speeches, leading chants, and talking with local leaders as the nightly protests have winded through the streets of Iowa City to landmarks including the Johnson County Courthouse, City Hall, and Kinnick Stadium.
Protesters marched through Iowa City on Saturday, some spray painting Kinnick Stadium and the University of Iowa Main Hospital. The protesters stopped on Highway 1 before confronting a line of dozens of Iowa State Patrol officers, and leaders decided to turn back rather than approach the line.
On the steps of the Old Capitol at the conclusion of the night, Mohamedali said leaders decided not to approach the state troopers because they protesters were not prepared. He said the group would be more prepared on Monday.
“Tell your friends if they care about you they’ll be here on Monday,” he said. “They will help you on Monday. They’ll be ready for war Monday.”
Mohamedali was arrested in January on an alleged controlled substance violation, possessing two plastic bags of marijuana, according to a police report. The case is still open.
The organizers of the protests, the Iowa Freedom Riders, have made several demands of local and state officials. The demands include the decriminalizing the use and possession of marijuana under 40 grams, the reduction of probation length, and no drug testing for marijuana.

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