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On April 19, a letter to the editor was published in the Wheeling News-Register that was directed at me, regarding my writing of letters to the editor that have appeared in the aforementioned outstanding news for residents of the area.

In addressing this quite adversarial diatribe, I would like to state that such have always appeared in the Opinion section of the newspaper, where various viewpoints are encouraged, and national columnists of both the conservative and liberal viewpoints are included as well as an opinion/fact-based column by the very professional editor of the Wheeling-based newspapers, Mike Myer, as well as letters to the editor authored by area residents such as myself.

In my writing, I feel that I am always diligent in my efforts to include only well-researched and verifiable facts, in addition to a plethora of personal observations and conclusions, which I believe to be the nature of this popular venue. Also, as a citizen of our great nation, freedom of speech is an unquestioned, inalienable right, as it is for us all, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the issues, but not their own facts.

In the author’s statement, he referred to a “Democratic socialist agenda,” which was intended as an incendiary comment, obviously. However, I wonder how the author may feel about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment compensation and recent subsidies being provided by our government to citizens, businesses, et. al. as a result of the horrific impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on our society and the economy of our great nation, as such are typically classified as “socialist programs,” as well as President Trump’s obvious, unbridled affectionl for communist/socialist leaders worldwide, such as Russia’s Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

As the author refers to lying, which is never acceptable, supporters seem to ignore the fact that our president has already told more than 20,000 documented false statements, also known as lies during his presidency to date, which is assuredly more than all the falsehoods of all other elected officials in our nation’s history ­– combined!

When referring to “conservative Republicans,” I would like to remind the author that our current president, for the vast majority of his long life, was a Democrat, then became an independent, and conveniently became a Republican conservative for his 2016 presidential run. He has already presided over and was greatly responsible for the largest national debt the country has realized when we were not fighting a major war, which was prior to the terrible impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the economy.

This deficit was created, incredibly, at a time of economic prosperity.

Also, it is primarily as a result of our nation’s governors, including Republican Governors Mike DeWine of Ohio and Jim Justice of West Virginia, that the results of the pandemic are not even worse as a result of the president’s troubling lack of leadership.

Finally, I vividly recall that following tragedy of 9-11, that Republican President George W. Bush strongly united the country with his leadership and rhetoric, while President Trump continues to work to divide us as a nation and use his daily briefings as little more than self-aggrandizing political rallies.

We, as a nation, must simply be better than this, but unfortunately, many of the president’s supporters have adapted his divisive philosophy and resort to name calling in order to avoid addressing areas of concern on an intellectual level, where both sides’ views are properly addressed and respected.

In closing, why can we not disagree when necessary without being disagreeable? Thank you, and have a nice day.