UK PM Rishi Sunak’s FIFA World Cup Tweet Draws Mixed Reactions

UK PM Rishi Sunak’s FIFA World Cup Tweet Draws Mixed Reactions
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    UK PM Rishi Sunak’s FIFA World Cup Tweet Draws Mixed Reactions

    Rishi Sunak’s tweet drew mixed responses. (File)


    British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has praised Qatar for hosting an “incredible” FIFA World Cup this year. Rishi Sunak shared a post before England’s Round of 16 match against Senegal. The Three Lions are now in the quarterfinals after beating Senegal 3-0.

    “Congratulations to Qatar for hosting an incredible World Cup so far. The group stages will be remembered as some of the greatest of all time,” the Prime Minister tweeted. He added: “Come to England, keep the dream alive.

    The tweet quickly gained attention and drew mixed responses.

    “Seriously? All-time greats? Not sure what you’re watching…” one user wrote.

    Some emphasized the thrilling match between England and Senegal.

    “Today’s match was a masterpiece. The counter-attacks ended with classic and unbelievable goals… It feels like England this time will wipe out everyone along the way,” said one.

    Another wrote, “Yes, Rishi Sunak. Qatar hosted an incredible event, one that allowed tolerance to prevail. Only a handful of people have had issues, but it’s still an interesting watch so far. Very good.”

    “All reports point to an incredible World Cup experience. Unrelated but football is the best I’ve seen in any world cup. And of course, best wishes to England,” one comment read.

    Many people were impressed by England’s great victory.

    “I congratulate the lions, the boys did a great job! Good luck for your remaining matches! I haven’t seen England play this well in a long time!” a user wrote.

    One said: “It is the quality of the teams and the tight matches that make the World Cup in Qatar so much more interesting.”

    After beating Senegal, England will face defending champions France in the quarter-finals on Sunday 11 December. France reach the quarter-finals after a 3-1 win over Poland.

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