What colors match with red

  1. Black and White. Whether by themselves or combined, red pairs well with these two classic colors for a reason. …
  2. Brown. For those who don’t know where to start, pairing red with neutrals is the best way to go. …
  3. Mustard Yellow. One of the more surprising pairings on this list is yellow and red. …
  4. Blue. …
  5. Pink. …


Primary red works well with yellow, white, tawny-orange, green, blue and black. Tomato red works well with cyan, mint green, sand, creamy-white, and grey.Jan 15, 2021

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What colors go well with red?


For example:

  • Blue complements orange.
  • Green complements red.
  • Yellow complements violet.

What accent colors go with red?


Interior design ideas that go well with red color

  • Sunflower. A sunflower shade of yellow will compliment a red-dressed room with vibrancy and life. …
  • Midnight. Black and red will always be a timeless, classic combination. …
  • Navy. A classic shade of navy can also balance and mellow a richer red. …
  • Fuchsia. …
  • Cream. …
  • Haze. …
  • Grass. …
  • Plum. …
  • Chocolate. …
  • Turquoise. …

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What colors accent with red?


What Color Wall Goes with Red Accents?

  • White. For strong, vibrant, and tricky colors like red, obviously go with white is the most straightforward and risk-free option.
  • Gray. Gray is another popular color that is often used alongside red. …
  • Blush. …
  • Pale Yellow. …
  • Azure Blue. …
  • Deep Navy. …
  • Black. …

What colors compliment red?

  • Yellow. Yellow is a little stark as a room color so this shade is best used sparingly as an accent color.
  • Red. Paired with black and white, red is not the best color combination if you’re all about subtlety.
  • Blush. Blush may be a trendy color these days but it’s always been a timeless shade.
  • Blue.
  • Brown.
  • Lavender.
  • Pink.

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What color goes well with red and white?

Red and white are an obvious colour combination, but pair it with two shades of muted blue and bring your red down a notch and you have a room that’s easy on the eyes but looks stylish. Find funs ways to add blue to your home like with these Long Dew Servers in Mood Blue Swirls .

What color is good for red?

Black is a really good backdrop colour for red, and makes a really moody, dramatic atmosphere,” says Jasmine McClelland. Do this by adding a few black cushions to your couch.

What are some general colour matching rules?

According to design specialists 99Designs, the color wheel is made up of three primary colors: red, yellow, blue; three secondary colors (colors created when primary colors are mixed), green, orange, purple; and six tertiary colors, which are colors made from primary and secondary colors, such as blue-green or red-violet.

What are complementary colors?

Generally speaking, the most complementary colours are those that stand opposite each other in the colour wheel, such as red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow.

What color is duck egg blue?

“Muted duck-egg blue with a green base is a great contrasting colour, without being too conflicting. It softens the space, offering a cool contrast to the warmth of the red,” says Jasmine McClelland.

What color rug makes red pop?

Adding a silver, grey rug to your space will really make your red pop, as Jasmine says, “Any shade of grey c omplements the colour red very nicely and really allows the colour red to come alive.”

What color walls go with navy?

Dark red is complemented by navy and gold. Dark red walls with navy are a classic colour combination that screams elegance when paired with metallics. An easy way to add more gold to your space is with decorative items such as these floating lanterns. Getty.

What color goes well with red?

Yellow can work really well with red to create a sunny and warm environment. Choose an orange-based red to ensure both colors have warm tones and use a neutral color alongside them to break them up a little and prevent them from jarring.

What color goes well with black and white?

Black, white and red is another classic color combination that oozes retro vibes. This is a good color theme to choose if you want to use red but aren’t confident in choosing the right shade because absolutely any shade of red will work with black and white, making it completely foolproof.

Why do people use red in their furniture?

Using red in soft furnishings is a great way to introduce the color into a room without making it too permanent because you can always switch out pillows or rugs at a later date if you want to.

Why do people use navy blue?

Be sure to use navy blue as opposed to any other shades of blue because they can look too stark alongside red. Navy, white and red can also be used to create a more modern vibe in interiors, and to do this, you should try to use solid decor items instead of patterns. Blocks of color in these shades will make a space feel bold and minimalist.

How to make a room look red?

For a contemporary look, paint walls in your favorite shade of gray and inject red into the space by choosing red patterned curtains or a statement red chair. Pick out the red in a few other pieces in the room, such as a red candle, a book with a red spine, or a plant with red flowers.

What color is used to make a room look more modern?

Brown and red is a color pairing that has a masculine feel to it. This can be used to create a modern style in a loft space or a more traditional style in an office or library. For a distinguished look, for example, in a study, paint the walls in a dark shade of red and fill the space with dark brown wooden furniture such as a desk and bookshelves. When used in this way, brown and red work together to achieve a prestigious feel which is popularly employed in business decor.

Can you paint a room with red walls?

You can then add small touches of red in cushions, throws, and rugs to liven up the room while still benefiting from a calm and casual vibe. Beige will help to tone down the red, and because it isn’ t a stark color, the red won’t stand out from it in a harsh way.

What color wallpaper goes well with black and white?

The zebra wallpaper in this bathroom from atlasdesign.home definitely takes center stage. A classic combo, red pairs wonderfully with black and white and feels totally chic and classic. We love using deeper, darker shades of red with black and white, as they offer the most contrast and visual interest.

What color goes well with a gray chair?

While full of color, the eye is immediately drawn to the bright red throw pillow on the gray chair. Gray is another shade that plays well with red because it’s a subtle neutral that allows the red to take center stage. Look for neutral grays (neither warm nor cool) to pair with nearly any shade of red.

What color is the best for a boho bedroom?

This shade of red from home_bymarionnette has a bit more orange in it, but it’s a great choice if you want to create a more boho-inspired look in your house. The tans and whites throughout the bedroom in this space keep the room neutral and grounded, while the tomato soup-inspired hue adds a subtle pop of color.

Can you decorate with red?

If decorating with red is still a little too daring for you, this lovely entryway designed by murphycodesign proves that even the most traditional homes can play with red.

What color pairs well with red?

Red and purple may sound like a bit of a mess. But the colors actually pair incredibly well, especially when they’re rendered in a graphic way. Seek out pieces that pair violet with scarlet, and lilac with burgundy—and let them steal the spotlight in your space.

What color looks good with red?

Forest green looks good next to anything—red included. To keep the color combination feeling bohemian and textured, opt for printed red pieces, rather than solid ones. (And bonus points if the print combines red and forest green for you.)

What color is Alvin Wayne?

Alvin Wayne. Brighter shades of brown—like copper and caramel—look incredibly pretty next to red. Red’s vibrancy brings out the warm undertones in lighter browns, making them look statement-making, instead of neutral. When paired, the colors look so similar that they almost blend together.

What color goes well with white?

Everything goes great with white—and red is no exception. Use red pieces to add pops of color in an otherwise minimalist space. Or let white serve as an accent in an incredibly bold and vibrant interior. With a combination this classic, it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong.

What color is best for Valentine’s Day?

Pink and red may scream Valentine’s Day. But when placed alongside slick blacks and deep browns, the pair can look absolutely breathtaking. Opt for works of art that combine the two shades, or play around with patterns that make full use of both colors—just be sure to keep them grounded with a couple darker hues.

Is red a tough color to decorate?

No one would be surprised to hear that red is a tough color to decorate with. Even the darkest shades of red tend to be pretty intense. And the brightest ones? Whew, don’t get us started. Thankfully, there are plenty of interior designers who have taken on the challenge of decorating with red and who have left us with all kinds of red home décor inspo to sift through.

Can you mix black and red?

Black will intensify any color it’s paired with, so it can be tough to combine with red. But if you stick with deeper, warmer shades—like brick and garnet—you can end up with a palette that feels sleek, sophisticated, and not at all overwhelming.

What color goes well with taupe?

Layering in other jewel tones like royal blue and gold adds another level of richness, while grounding the deep red high-gloss lacquer. I love using this color combination, especially in a library, media, or dining room as these palettes truly elevate any space to another level.” — Nicole Fuller

Can you pair red and green?

Angie Seckinger. “You can pair red and green without making it look like Christmas ! By working with a red that leans a little orange and a lush velvet in hunter green on the sofa, we successfully use a color pairing that is typically reserved for the holidays. The leopard acts like a neutral that ties the two together.”.

What color is good for a statement?

Energetic, warm, and strong, red has the power to evoke a multitude of emotions. Whatever your intent, using the color red makes a statement in a big way. For inspiration on colors that go with red, take a tour of some of our favorite spaces all decorated in this daring shade.

What color is best for a modern hideaway?

Adjacent to each other on the color wheel, orange and red are natural companions. Here, they mingle in nature-inspired artwork and decor in a contemporary setting. Plank wood walls and clean-lined cabinetry give the room the look of a modern wooded hideaway. A chocolate brown chair and ottoman with caramel undertones maintain the cabin-like vibe.

What color is the kitchen in Little Red Schoolhouse?

In the spirit of a little red schoolhouse, this kitchen embodies classic character with simple red-painted cabinetry and primary accent colors. The old-fashioned charm of a black-and-white tile floor and crystal cabinet hardware enhances the appeal. For a fun kick, the walls feature the same yellow color as a no. 2 pencil.

What color is a built in buffet?

Varying the intensity of a color adds depth and interest. Here, a built-in buffet showcases cabinets in two shades of red and two different cabinet styles. Lower cabinets feature a bright shade of red with vertical beaded-board insets, while upper cabinets are dark maroon with clear-glass panels and thick crown molding. For more character, an advertising poster in yellow and green is centered between cabinets. Red and white stripes offer a cabana feel to a rattan armchair.

What color is Oxblood?

Oxblood, a deep burgundy red, is a sophisticated take on classic red. Often favored in the fall and winter, this decadent hue mixes well with blue, another primary color on the wheel. A white sofa brightens the scheme and offers a neutral focal point. 18 of 20.

What is a rustic red island?

Proving that sometimes less is more, a rustic red island is all this kitchen needs to stand out. The island serves as a bold (but not overpowering) focal point for the white walls and vintage-style hardware. Two pendant lamps hang above the island, bringing the color all the attention it deserves. Dark floors recede to keep the focus on cabinetry.

What colors go well with red?

11 Outfit Combinations For The Color Red. Red can be paired with neutral colors like white or black quite easily. For classy outfits, go for grays, browns, or earthy tones. In summers, tangerines, blues, and mustards look vibrant.

What to wear with red sweater?

Stay away from stripes and OTT florals and go for an animal print instead. Animal print pants, culottes, or skirts look incredibly cute with red sweaters or turtleneck T-shirts.

What color is good for formal wear?

Gray is a foolproof color for formal wear. You just can’t go wrong with it. The cool tone of gray lets the red pop out and do all the talking.

What color is the most challenging to play with?

Let’s start again. Red is the most challenging color to play with, experiment, or venture into. But, in all honesty, red by itself can be a bit harsh. You need to pair it with colors that simmer it down but also complement it beautifully to bring out the best of your outfit.

Is it wrong to wear red?

Honestly, there’s not one right or wrong way to wear red. But, if eccentric is not your go-to style, tread a little cautiously. I hope you get the drift. Do you have any style hacks for wearing red? What’s your favorite look from this lookbook? Let us know by posting a message in the comments section below.

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