Data Center Colocation Services: Reliable, Secure, And Compliant

Colocation is a newer option offered by data centers around the world. Colo, as it is often called, involves the business placing a server they own into a secure location in the data center. The data center provides the power, environmental control, security, and physcial maintenance of the server and the associated hardware and networks as part of the hosting costs.

There are several reasons why colocation offers a more reliable, secure, and compliant option to in-house servers. Taking a closer look at the benefits offered through colocation helps businesses to determine if this is the right fit for their server requirements.
The Reliability Factor
In-house servers and server rooms typically have at least one or two weak areas. For most, it is the dual combination of unreliable temperature control and lack of redundancy in the event of power failures.
Data centers, particularly those that are Tier lll, offer multiple paths for cooling, temperature control, and redundant power systems. They also are designed to allow upgrades and work completed by staff without the need to take the center offline. This results in expected uptime of 99.982%.
The Security Factor
Unlike a workplace where there are relatively low levels of internal security, a data center has multiple security layers. Colocation allows for highly secure areas where the customer specifies the requirements for access even within the fully vetted professionals operating the data center.
The Compliance Factor
The data center continually monitors, upgrades, and enforces compliance issues based on the specifications of the customer and the geographic regulatory body. Any compliance issues are flagged and addressed immediately, reducing potential problems and eliminating issues with in-house servers that are not upgraded or modified to match compliance requirements.
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