Lily Collins is the “Wall Street crocodile”: the scam is served

  • ‘WeCrashed’, Leto and Hathaway in the true story of success and failure of the Wework startup
  • ‘Inventing Anna’, the protagonist Julia Garner: “Meeting her I understood how she managed to cheat everyone”

    She has earned the nicknames “Versace’s Bedouin” and “Wall Street Crocodile” and will now have a series about her life starring the actress of snow-white And Emily in Paris Lily Collins. Heather ‘Razzlekhan’ Morgan is an American entrepreneur, rapper in her spare time, accused of having laundered 119,754 Bitcoins stolen in 2016 with her husband Ilya Lichtenstein, co-founder of a digital startup. The couple, who could face up to 25 years in prison, are in talks with prosecutors for a plea deal. The series that will come out with the title Razzlekhan: The Infamous Crocodile of Wall Streetwill be produced by Searchlight Television, will land on the Hulu platform and will be directed Charlie McDowellhusband of Lily Collins.

    Taken from the article of New York Magazine The Many Lives of Crypto’s Most Notorious Couple, the series focuses on the couple formed by Lichtenstein and Morgan, who could be the masterminds behind one of the most daring robberies in history or a pair of hapless aspiring entrepreneurs who somehow stumbled upon a hard drive containing $ 3.6 billion in Bitcoins stolen from the Finex exchange. The title of the series is inspired by Morgan’s stage name as a rapper on YouTube.

    The thrill of power: young and ruthless, the rise and fall of the new protagonists of serial TV


    by Chiara Ugolini

    April 16, 2022

    Morgan and Lichtenstein are just the latest examples of a long line of young, visionaries, hungry for success, convinced that they can change the world, at least theirs, who end up being – some more or less – scammers and whose novel story is adapted for seriality. Only in the last few months have many titles arrived on the platforms whose protagonists are ambitious entrepreneurs who, between Wall Street and Silicon Valley, have launched into companies that after having taken them to the stars have made them dramatically collapse to the ground.

    ‘WeCrashed’, Leto and Hathaway in the true story of success and failure of the Wework startup

    Adam Neumann in ten years it transformed the WeWork coworking company into the third most valuable private company before being totally deprived of its authority due to its excesses. The story of him, along with that of his wife Rebekah Paltrow (Gwyneth’s cousin) is told in the series WeCrashed (AppleTv +) with two Academy Awards, Jared Leto And Anne Hathawayto embody the pair of entrepreneurs capable of creating a global brand worth $ 47 billion that collapsed in less than a year.

    ‘Inventing Anna’, the protagonist Julia Garner: “Meeting her I understood how she managed to cheat everyone”

    Anna Delvey she came close to obtaining a $ 40 million loan to build the most exclusive club dedicated to contemporary art in New York before being exposed as a fake Russian heiress, skilled at posing as someone she wasn’t. Shonda Rhimes told her story in Inventing Anna with Julia Garner to embody the 20-year-old idol of the jet set who came one step away from cheating on Wall Street who quickly climbed the charts of Netflix’s most viewed series when it came out.

    Travis Kalanick revolutionized the world of taxis by inventing Uber and transforming it into one of the pillars of the gig economy only to be accused of having created a toxic workplace especially for women. Super pumped: The battle for Uber has just landed on the new Paramount + platform with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to embody Travis Kalanick, co-founder and CEO, ruthless towards employees, forced to work nights and holidays without surcharges, accused of creating a misogynistic and bullying environment as well as putting the expenses for frequent visits to the strips on company accounts club with its other executives, allegations of harassment led to his resignation.

    She was finally awarded an Emmy a few days ago Amanda Seyfried that in The Dropout (on Disney +) told the story of Elizabeth Holmes, convinced of becoming the new Steve Jobs thanks to a technology that carried out clinical tests with a single drop of blood. Within a year she went from being the second “youngest billionaire” Forbes to the second “most disappointing leader” Fortune and to be accused of fraud. The series is inspired by “an incredible true story”, that of a young Harvard student who in 2003 gave up her chemical engineering studies to found Theranos, a company based on a machine and an app that allowed accurate clinical examinations with a very small amount of blood. The idea came from a desire to democratize American healthcare by making some tests simpler and cheaper, but also from his dread of needles and syringes. Within a couple of years, thanks also to her family connections (her father was vice president of Enron, her mother was a parliamentary assistant in the service of Charlie Wilson) she managed to transform Theranos into a company worth 9 billion dollars (half was his) with over 400 million in venture capital. Some journalistic inquiries have revealed that many of the results had been distorted, from the scandal was born the cause that reached a first milestone in January, when Holmes was convicted of four counts, today he faces up to twenty years in prison.