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Maybe, the first thing that involves your head whenever contemplating Eastern Eu beauties is Russia. They know how exactly to react by themselves which have men and how to attract his desire. Away from early age they are taught to secure the family brush and a guy well-fed.

“The Make Up Sessions” by The Make – IndiePulse Music Magazine


Depth in a rock band means more than just big guitars and bigger personalities; it means making complicated statements simple via the majestic tonal bond that comes from electric instruments playing in perfect unison. The Make have been thinking about this and other conceptual elements of their sound, and it’s evidenced quite profoundly in their new record The Make Up Sessions. Although coming in at a fairly moderate total length for containing a dozen different songs, The Make Up Sessions covers a lot of ground – and uses nary more than the basic foundations the old guard in rock would have relied upon.  

Why Count Dooku Has a Blue Lightsaber on Tales of the Jedi


Count Dooku wields a blue lightsaber in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi. However, as a lover of knowledge, shouldn’t he be better off with a green sword?


The color of a lightsaber blade in Star Wars it has more meaning than simply denoting Jedi or Sith. In Legends lore, each shade has a specific meaning within the Jedi Order: blue indicates a Jedi Guardian, green signifies a Jedi Consul, and yellow represents a Jedi Sentinel. However, in modern canon, the kyber crystal takes on a color after a Jedi meditates on it and develops a Force connection to the crystal.

The Maskparade Charade : by Tyler Durden


In the ridiculous world of the New Abnormal where we apparently find ourselves it is critically important to add your opinion to the cacophony of why we are who we are, where we are on the path to seeming totalitarianism and… why people are still wearing masks.


Here in Canada apparently 7 out of 10 members of the public would want mask mandates back while most of the rest of the world has abandoned the concept to the rearview mirror.

Perhaps understandable if you have a medical condition but now study after study. Peer-reviewed. Well-researched. Top quality medical journals. Top-of-the-line researchers. All saying these masks do very little good.**

Even Fauci himself said so once…before he changed his mind as he tends to do when the landscape changes with the weather. 

Watch: Real-Life ‘Darkstar’ Hypersonic Engine Fires Into Ramjet Mode : by Tyler Durden

Watch: Real-Life ‘Darkstar’ Hypersonic Engine Fires Into Ramjet Mode : by Tyler Durden


Remember the scene in the movie Top Gun: Maverick, Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is piloting the SR-72 “Darkstar” hypersonic plane and slams the thrust lever for the engines all the way forward. The engines ignite in a fiery blast that propels Maverick to Mach 10.  

The propulsion system centered around the SR-72 Darkstar (a plane that is only a concept) is a turbine-based combined cycle, which merges a turbine engine with a ramjet. 

While there is no aircraft in the production stage with this insane propulsion system, ground-testing testing is underway. 

Wizkid: ‘I don’t put myself in a box. I’m a musician from Africa’

Apple Music’s Dotty joins Wizkid at The Roundhouse in London to discuss his new album ‘More Love, Less Ego’, his global influence, being an ambassador for the continent of Africa, and what fans can expect from his Apple Music Live Performance, which will be available to stream on Apple Music next Monday, November 14th at 8PM UK time.

Wizkid on Why He’s Excited About His Apple Music Live Performance…

This is very important to me, you know, because I don’t usually do this, so it is very rare and important that I do this, especially for this album, you know? You, you understand it probably after you listen to the album; you get it. But, it’s going to be fun, and I didn’t want to say much, you know? It’s like I’m gassing my tin…. this is, this is, like, one of my biggest dreams, to actually come watch a Wizkid show like this, but I can’t.

On What He Wants His Fans to Feel Watching His Apple Music Live Performance…

‘The Crown’ Has a New Diana and Charles to Tear Apart


Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki had no illusions about the expectations and challenges they’d face as the latest incarnations of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in “The Crown.”

After all, their predecessors in the roles, Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin, had each won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for their portrayals in Season 4. And West, 53, and Debicki, 32, were charged with depicting the most precarious chapter of the Charles and Diana story: the painfully public implosion of their royal marriage.

The Crown’s Elizabeth Debicki responds to backlash over ‘sensationalism’ claims

Elizabeth Debicki has urged The Crown critics to ‘move on’ after Dame Judi Dench sparked backlash by describing the Netflix show as ‘crude sensationalism‘.

The upcoming fifth season, which premieres on November 9, has been met with intense scrutiny due to the storylines that will play out, including the death of Princess Diana and fictionalised claims that then-Prince Charles tried to enlist Prime Minister Sir John Major to persuade the Queen to abdicate.

Elizabeth – who plays Diana in the upcoming episodes – has responded to the criticisms and insisted while she ‘respects’ people’s opinions, she wants everyone to now focus on the ‘creator endeavour’.

She told the Radio Times: ‘I respect people’s points of view and I, being an actor in the show, understand the nature of what the show is. It was always very clear to me that one can never know what happens behind closed doors, and that a writer is interpreting what may have happened.

Blizzard’s Holly Longdale on World of Warcraft’s intergenerationality


Blizzard hit upon a successful idea with the launch of its World of Warcraft Classic. This relaunch of the original MMO has accrued millions of players alongside its modern counterpart, with its population almost overflowing in its release. It’s remained popular through continued Classic rebuilds of original expansions Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. But what about this title keeps it so popular across generations of gamers? GamesBeat spoke with Blizzard’s Holly Longdale on the subject.

Longdale was recently appointed vice president on World of Warcraft (she was already its executive producer). She’s worked on MMOs for over 20 years — before World of Warcraft, she was the executive producer of the EverQuest franchise with Darkpaw Games.

GamesBeat spoke with Longdale about the continuing popularity of World of Warcraft — and MMOs in general — across multiple generations. Here’s an edited transcript of our interview.