Adam West / November 26,2020

Small Town Crazy Cat Lady


Calling a small-town ski resort community my home has some distinct advantages. Most of the time I adore being hours away from the smoggy metropolis of Los Angeles. I can only take the concrete jungle of southern California in very small doses. Life in Big Bear Lake in the pine forest can make me feel like we don’t reside in the ass-backwards state of California where our liberal governor can go out to Michelon star dinners with friends in Napa but govern the rest of the state with an iron fist during this pandemic. According to the comrade, I mean Governor Newsom it’s okay for his wineries to be open and he can enjoy birthday dinners with all his liberal friends while close to three million Californians are out of work during this pandemic in California from all the businesses that can’t stay open.
Living beneath the pines of southern California helps me forget for just an hour or two what a shitshow this state is. Maybe it’s breathing in the fresh clean air. Or maybe it’s that we finally managed to adopt two almost perfect kittens this fall. Fluffy purring kittens can bring a little zen to our household even during the stress of a pandemic.
Being in the wilderness also helps me forget about the assholes who rule this blue state. I can walk out my front door and within just a five-minute stroll my pup and I can be frolicking in fresh snow in the woods. It’s so peaceful to walk in the freshly fallen snow with nothing but the sounds of the birds in the trees, the squirrels in the bush and me yelling at my dog. It almost makes me forget about how stupid our politicians are in this trash can of a state.

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