15 Apps to Keep You Healthy While Sheltering in Place

Adam West / May 29,2020
15 Apps to Keep You Healthy While Sheltering in Place

15 Apps to Keep You Healthy While Sheltering in PlaceStaff Writer Danika Miller is a copywriter at (Internet Service Providers)  ISP.com and has been writing about the internet and home services for several years.  She recently shared one of her posts with Healthy Lombard that highlights Apps to keep a person healthy while we are all sheltering in place.
The global coronavirus pandemic is keeping many people indoors. Gyms and schools are closed, people are working from home, and many of us have some extra free time. Paired with the general stress and anxiety from this crisis, being stuck at home means it’s easy to neglect your health. For the same reasons, prioritizing your health and mental wellbeing are more important than ever.
Today’s technology has created a myriad of digital tools to help us stay healthy. We rounded up some of the most popular and unique apps for maintaining your health and wellbeing while quarantined.
Headspace. An app focused on mindfulness and meditation. It’s similar to Calm, but Headspace has more specific and detailed guides for being mindful during everyday life. There are sleeping and waking practices, meditation for stress, exercise meditations, and mindful cooking guides. It’s all about directing you to be super present, aware, and peaceful during every action of your day. There are a free 10-part basic course and a two-week trial of the premium features. Then it’ll cost $13 per month.
Portal. An immersive relaxation app that transports you around the world. The app displays 3D soundscapes and atmospheres. You can swipe through different places and experience the sounds and visuals — an Amazon thunderstorm, a barley field in the English countryside, or a sunny day in the Redwood National Park. You can layer the scene with other audio (like music or an audiobook), set timers, and sync it with Philips Hue lights. To unlock 14 portals, and some of its features, the app requires a one-time purchase of $4.
Unplug. A product of the actual Unplug meditation studio based in Los Angeles. The app has a wide variety of meditation sessions for different goals and lengths of time. Categories include: deep relaxation, healthy eating, thrive at work, kids & teens, travel, hypnosis, 30-day challenge, and more. You can track your progress and journal in the app. It costs $8 per month after a 7-day free trial.
Mental wellbeing apps
Dedicating time to relax and meditate amidst all the stress is a simple way to feel better about your days. Taking care of your mental state also has tons of health benefits.
Calm. An award-winning meditation and relaxation app that aims to help you sleep better, reduce stress, and live calmly. The app has guided meditations, a library of calm music, videos on stretching, and bedtime stories narrated by celebrities like Stephen Fry and Matthew McConaughey. You’ll also find gentle outdoor sounds for those missing nature — waves, rain, firewood, crickets, etc. Some features on the app are free, but full access will cost $13 per month (after a one week trial).
To see the entire list of apps, click here.

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