Beware of These Common Pests in The Basement of a Home

Pests can be incredibly annoying to deal with. They also create intense damage and pose health risks to you, your pet, and your children. Basements and attics are moist and dark places perfect for pests to thrive. Therefore, pest control is necessary, as it brings control and eliminates pest infestation in the house. Barrier pest offers the professional service and complete eradication of pests. 
Few of the common pests found in basements 

  •  Silverfish

These insects love moisture and are known to thrive in places with high humidity. This is why they are generally found in basements. They feed on items that are rich in sugar or starch. Silverfishes can squeeze into tiny areas. They are very quick, which complicates the process of exterminating them.

  •  Earwigs

Just like silverfish, earwigs are attracted to moist areas as well. However, they prefer to make their nests outdoors. Earwig infestations take place when they find ideal conditions inside the house. They love cluttered spaces that have less traffic. They feed on sweet and greasy foods and other leftovers from your kitchen.

  •  Pill Bugs

These bugs, also known as rollie pollies, tend to roll up into a ball whenever they are touched or feel threatened. They survive in areas with high moisture. If they find enough moisture, they will move in and make your basement their home. Eliminating moisture in your basement is essential to get rid of them. Lack of moisture causes their death as they are unable to survive without it.

  •  Crickets

Basements are the perfect shelter for crickets as they thrive in dark and humid areas. Their chirping sound can recognize. A cricket infestation is highly damaging as they feed on fabrics like wool and silk. They also like to consume paper products as well.

  •  Cockroaches

They enter basements through door thresholds and floor drains. They use utility pipes as well. These pests thrive in environments with poor sanitation and easy access to food and water.

  •  Spiders

These pests like to spin their webs in dark and moist places like basements. Although they are typically considered harmless, a spider infestation can signify another pest infestation in your house, as spiders feed on other insects for their survival.

  •  Camel Crickets

They are well known for their humpback appearance. They infest houses when the weather gets too hot and dry for them. Camel crickets are nocturnal. These pests hide during the day.