Eliezer’s honest claim about women crying at the Sambo House because JC is the bet

  • Sambo accused Eliezer of lying
  • Jakarta

    Bharada’s lawyer Richard Eliezer alias Bharada E, Ronny Talapessy, claimed that his client’s testimony about women crying out of the house Freddy Sambo is an honest speech. He says Eliezer’s status as justice collaborator (JC) is at stake if Eliezer lies.

    Eliezer’s statement which was in the spotlight was related to a woman who was said to have suddenly left Ferdy Sambo’s private house in tears. This testimony was conveyed by Eliezer when he was a witness at the trial in the murder case of Brigadier Yosua Hutabarat with the defendants Bripka Ricky Rizal and Strong Ma’ruf at the South Jakarta District Court, Wednesday (30/11/2022).

    Eliezer said the moment the mysterious woman was crying at home Freddy Sambo on Jalan Bangka, South Jakarta, when Sambo and Putri Candrawathi were at home. The mysterious woman’s moment at Bangka’s house happened last June.





    Eliezer said that at that time Putri was the first to arrive at Bangka’s house with an angry face. Then, he said, Ferdy Sambo also arrived with an angry face. After that, a Sambo partner called Koh Erben came to the house.

    It is unknown, this woman came with Koh Erben or what. Because, when Koh Erben arrived, Eliezer was at the back of the house.

    “Suddenly the deceased said to Mateus, ‘No one but the two of us’, meaning Joshua and Mateus, who were in the area of ​​the Bangka residence, were all waiting outside,” said Eliezer at the South Jakarta District Court.

    Eliezer said he was standing guard in front of the house with Farhan and Alfons. Then, he said, there were Romer, Sadam and a number of household assistants (ART) Sambo at the back of the Bangka house.

    He did not explain what happened in the house. However, he said, there were women who came out of Sambo’s house. Eliezer also claimed to have never seen the woman. He called the woman out of the house in a state of tears.

    “About an hour, two hours, then suddenly someone came out of the house. Our fence was closed, he knocked from inside the house. I said Alfons ‘someone came out’, he opened the door, suddenly a woman appeared. I don’t know he, he cried, just now (I saw), who is it? Because I wasn’t there when he came. I saw inside that Mr. Erben was also in front of the house,” said Eliezer.

    Just then, a woman Eliezer doesn’t know looks for his driver. After meeting the driver, the woman immediately left Bangka’s house.

    “The woman asked driver where is he I ran to the side of the call driverits a black Pajero, brand new drivercame, the woman went straight home,” he said.

    Sambo accused Eliezer of lying

    Ferdy Sambo’s lawyer, Arman Hanis, also spoke about Bharada Richard Eliezer’s (Bharada E) statement regarding a mysterious woman who cried when she left her client’s private house on Jalan Bangka, South Jakarta. Arman emphasized that the statement was not true.